A Love Letter to “Baby Daddy”


Over the years, I have talked endlessly about Baby Daddy to anyone that would care to listen. I’m not even slightly sorry. There has never, ever been a sitcom that’s made me literally laugh out loud with every single episode. I have nothing but love and appreciation for the creative geniuses behind this comedic work of art, for the Wheelers, for the cast that brought them to life and the crew that gave birth to not only them, but also the jokes that made me laugh so hard I ended up crying. I will always carry Tucker’s bad country song about Bonnie with me.

Back in January 2015, I tweeted about Baby Daddy being the light of my existence, heart and soul. It still is. It will always be. Tahj Mowry was right when he said that comedy changes lives and laughter mends hurting hearts. This show has been with me through everything for the past five years, getting me through terrible breakups, awful mental health days, deaths. Times where I felt that nothing could ever cheer me up, even though deep down I knew Baby Daddy would be able to. And it was. Every time. So thank you for giving me a place to run to whenever I didn’t know which way to go – or many places, for that matter. The boys’ apartment, the firescape, Bar on B. Places that I know will always be there to welcome me home.

Baby Daddy may be saying goodbye on May 22nd, but I, for one, will never stop running back to the Wheelers. Like Riley once said, “Like it or not, the Wheelers are my family too.”

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

x, Tania.


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