Other Articles & Publications

Apart from writing posts and poems for my own blog, I’m a contributing writer for the entertainment website Talk Nerdy With Us. On that note, I was also published in my university’s website back when I was a student and I also write for any website or magazine that will accept my works.

Here’s a list of what I’ve published so far.


Selena Gomez Taking Time Off to Focus on Her Mental Health (August 31st, 2016)
Why Jennifer Aniston Matters Beyond Brangelina (September 25th, 2016)

Revisiting S1: I’m a Phoebe?! (October 2nd, 2016)

Grey’s Anatomy:
Back to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital: First Thoughts on S13
(September 24th, 2016)

Just Add Magic‘s Olivia Sanabia, Aubrey Miller and Abby Donelly
(soon to be published)

On The Importance of Comfort Films (September 13th, 2016)
“How to Be Single”: A 21st Century Guide? (September 17th, 2016)

New Girl:
Schmidt & Cece Made Me Cry (September 5th, 2016)
5 Remarkable Things About the Season 6 Premiere (September 21st, 2016)

Teen Wolf:
I Can’t Get Past Season 5, Episode 1 (August 29th, 2016)
Yes! I Managed to Watch Season 5! (October 11th, 2016)



This Is How I’m Living Every Day Without You, a poem (July 6th, 2016)

It’s Time to Let Him Go (Yes, on Social Media Too) (October 4th, 2016)



My final year dissertation:
Demonizing and Silencing Powerful Women: The Silent Witch in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Collective volume from my Gender Studies class:
Gender and Feminism: The Student’s View

Collection of essays from my Cultural Studies class:
Charming and Bewitching: Considering the Harry Potter Series

Collective volume from my Cultural Studies class:
Addictive and Wonderful: The Experience of Reading the Harry Potter Series

Collection of poems we wrote for our Poetry class:
Poetic Lessons. Poetry in/from the classroom.